David DJs at the Tango Journey milongas and guests as DJ elsewhere.

David’s music is selected from the 1920s to 1950s and is played in the tandas of Tango, Tango, Vals, Tango, Tango, Milonga interspersed with cortinas that take you back to your pre-tango dancing days.

If you would like to talk with us about David DJing at your tango event then please contact us.

2019 Dates

monthly at Tango Journey Milongas – see Milongas

20 January – Tango Etnia, London

14-17 February – Winter Tango, Germany

22 February – Carablanca, London

24 February – Tango Café, Cheltenham

9 March – Spring Ball, Tango Cotswolds

9 May – Noches de Primavera, Austria

26 May – Tango Etnia London

12-14 July  – Milongueando con Amigos, Austria

18 August – Tardecita, Frankfurt, Germany

2018 Dates

monthly at Tango Journey Milongas – see Milongas

20th January – Fundraiser for Homeless Project, Windsor

9th February – Bomboncito, Basle, Switzerland

7th March – Mimos Y Tango, Lake Garda, Italy

4th May – Warwick Space

1 June – Carablanca, London

12-14 October – Tango Encantado, Treviso, Italy

3 November – Tango Cotswolds, Tewkesbury

7-9 December: Tango Feast, Devon

15 December – Tango Malvern, Ledbury

29-31 December – La Mirada, Tenerife

2017 Dates

7th January – Eton

20th January – Carablanca, London

25th March – Magic Roundabout, Kington Langley, Wilts

23rd April – Pavadita, Hammersmith

5th August – Megenhoffen, Austria

23 August – Tango Bridge, London

7 October – Tango Cotswolds, Tewkesbury

10 October – TLC Southampton & book talk

13-15 October – Tango Feast, Devon

17 October – Tango South London & book talk

21 October – Tango Flores, Mannheim, Germany

29 October – Cecil Sharp House, Camden Town

11 November – Burley Tango, New Forest

17 November – Carablanca, London

8-10 December – Tango Feast, Devon

2016 Dates

monthly at Tango Journey Milonga – see Milongas

February 13th – Milonga Feliz, Burley

March 11th – Viento Norte Encuentro, Germany

April 8th – Carablanca, London

April 15-17th – Lancashire International Tango Festival

August 7th – Milonga de Amigos, Meggenhofen, Austria

October 7th & 8th – Tango Feast, Devon

November 12th – El Corazon @ Burley

December 4th – Pavadita, London

December 9th & 10th – Tango Feast, Devon

2015 Dates

Tango Journey Milonga – see Milongas

April 3rd  –   Eastonathon, Eton

April 11th  – Tango Nada Mas, Regensburg, Germany

April 17th – Carablanca, London

June 5th – Tango Feast, Devon

August 8th – Milonga Feliz, Burley

September 25th – Carablanca, London

December 5th – Tango Feast, Devon

December 20th – Charity Christmas Milonga at Cowdray

December 27th – Etonathon, Eton

2014 Dates:

Tango Journey Milonga, last Friday of every month – see Milongas

March 9th: Juntos, Maida Vale

April 18th – 20th: Eastonathon, Eton

May 11th: Juntos, Maida Vale

May 24th: El Molino, Cambridge

June 18th: Milonga con Amigos, Meggenhofen, Austria

July 3rd: Tangobanco, Lillehammer, Norway

August 9th: Burley, Hampshire

August 15th: Carablanca, London

December 5th: The Tango Feast, Devon

December 6th: Gran Milonga, Tango Feast, Devon

December 28th: Etonathon, Eton