Our Teaching Style

We teach tango that is:

  • in a close embrace;
  • improvised;
  • to music from 1920-50’s Buenos Aires;
  • danced socially;

Teacher Training

In 2013 we completed a 6 month Tango Teacher Training Programme in Saarbrucken, Germany  – the first one ever run by our teachers Detlef Engel & Melina Sedo.

Book & DVD

We are pleased to be part of Detlef & Melina’s book and DVD Caminar Abrazados

In brief it offers:

  • Clear, incremental, detailed instruction on the Tango basics of movement, connection and embrace;
  • Effective guidance on how to understand and dance to Tango music;
  • Essential information about dancing Tango socially;
  • Helpful practical exercises for solo, partner and group practice;
  • An accompanying (2.5 hour) DVD.

Our teaching style and content is based on the techniques explained in the book and shown in the DVD and so is a perfect accompaniment to our classes – just as our classes are a perfect accompaniment to those who have the book!

Below is a trailer of the making of Caminar Abrazados featuring Detlef & Melina (of course!), us, and our friends from Slovenia, Alja & Saso.


The book and DVD can be bought on-line: