Privacy Policy

Tango Journey Privacy Policy

Who are we? David Thomas and Marion Greenwood, we regularly dance tango at social events in the UK and mainland Europe. We also organise our own tango events to which we invite those like-minded dancers that we meet on our travels.

What information do we collect? We do not actively collect data but store it when it is given to us by those who are interested in knowing about our tango events. We only store Name, Email Address, and occasionally, when known, the home town (never the address) so that event emails are relevant.

How will the information be used? We will send you an email about our monthly tango events, with possibly one reminder. We do not send daily/weekly nor high volume e-mails.

Will the information be shared with any 3rd parties? Never. We send limited, targeted, and relevant emails and always keep your details secure.

What is the legal basis for having and using the informationWithin the GDPR provisions we have a Legitimate Interest in processing your data in a way that you would reasonably expect us to and that has a minimal privacy impact on you. That is, we let you know what tango events are coming up, we do not hold any sensitive information about you, and we do not share your name or email address with any 3rd party.

How long will we keep your information?  Generally for as long as you continue to go to tango events and remain an active member of the tango social scene, however we will check with you before we decide to remove you from our contact list. You can also Unsubscribe from our email list at any time and we will delete your contact details.

What are your rights in relation to data privacy? You can ask us to confirm what information we are holding; as above you can ask us to amend or delete any or all of the information; if you are unhappy with the way in which we are handling your information then you can complain to the Information Commissioner Office.