A new Tango Club is starting in Wraysbury. Membership opens in June 2021 and events are expected          to begin in July (in accordance with the government’s COVID guidelines).

Aims of the Wraysbury Tango Club:

  • To promote tango music, dance, and culture;
  • To encourage local people to enjoy this unfamiliar genre;
  • To establish a thriving tango community;
  • To socialise with other tango groups in the UK and beyond.

Membership is open to adults who:

  • live in, or are associated with, Wraysbury or the surrounding area;
  • are able to form a dancing couple with another person;
  • support the aims, values, and rules of the Wraysbury Tango Club.


Simply contact us here to register your interest, there is no commitment (financial or otherwise). The numbers of members will be limited and for those that decide to sign up (in June to September) the first annual membership will be waived.

Join the Wraysbury Tango Club
Tango is a dance for two and so you will need a partner. Please add the details of your partner in the Comments below.

What is Tango?

Argentine Tango is a social dance. Most people associate it with dramatic shows, lots of flicking legs, turning heads, and even some lifts. Those moves do not exist in the Argentinian social dance that is best described as two people in a walking embrace. The music, from 1930s/1940s Buenos Aires, is never heard on UK radio or television and yet is adored by thousands across the country who gather in village halls and community centres to listen, dance, and socialise.

Who are we?

We are David & Marion, we have been dancing Argentine Tango for nearly 20 years, and teaching and running tango events (in UK and Europe) since 2012. We have Tango Teacher diplomas and are guest teachers in an instructional DVD.

But why in Wraysbury?

We have lived here for nearly 30 years so that’s a good start. For the last 10 years we have been teaching weekly and running large tango events outside the area (in West Berks) but our own post-lockdown recovery plan is to stay closer to home.

We would be delighted if you joined us on this new tango journey…

(Photo by Adrian Cubitt, one of our first tango students)