Stockcross Wednesdays


Classes on most Wednesdays from 7.30 to 10pm (£10)

Once a month we hold a Practica 7.30 to 10.30pm (£7.50) –

Jan 17th; Feb 7th; March 21st; April 18th; May 23rd; June 20th;

July 18th; August 15th; Sept 19th; Oct 17th; Nov 7th; Dec 19th

If you are not on our mailing list then please contact us if you are unsure whether the class is on or not.



We develop the tango fundamentals based on:

1) harmony with oneself (posture, comfort);

2) harmony as a couple (communication,movement)

3) harmony with the music (interpretation, improvisation)

4) harmony with the room (social dancing)

Each class will include elements of all of the above and will gradually increase your skills in each.



 Stockcross Village Hall, Church Rd, RG20 8LN

Wednesdays in Stockcross

How Much:

Class £10 per person

Practice £7.50 per person

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