Reader Reviews

UK selection:

Richard Slade (milonga organiser, DJ) ‘David’s book is thougtfully written, concise, and entertaining. It’s full of insightful knowledge no matter if you’re a newbie to tango or have loads of knowledge and experience.’

Irina Zoueva (milonga organiser, teacher, DJ) ‘It’s a very interesting and useful book. I will recommend it to all my students’

Charles Long (milonga organiser, teacher, DJ) ‘ This book isn’t just for geeks, it’s a handy reference and easy read…it’s a real godsend.’

Roger Fulton (milonga organiser, DJ) ‘It’s a great read, you’ll find stacks of facts, some lively Golden Age gossip and enecdotes, and if you read it while checking out the recommended tracks you’ll have an all-over brilliant multi-media experience.’

Europe selection:

Sabine Mayer, Austria (milonga organiser, teacher, DJ) ‘It is really worth reading and listening!!!! I enjoyed and learned a lot!! ‘

Tomaž Leskovšek, Slovenia (tango dancer) ‘Wonderful book. I have it on my bedside table!’

Heini-Elina Soutamo-Kohlrausch, Spain (teacher, DJ): ‘As a tango teacher and DJ it is very good tool’.

Michael Glese, Germany (tango dancer) ‘Great book I can really recommend it’

Global selection:

Igor ‘El Espejero’, Canada (DJ) ‘Good book, wealth of info, well researched & structured….Highly recommended for anyone.’

David Phillips, USA (tango dancer, teacher) ‘I like how you have packed this book with readily useful information in a concise form. Your writing has a nice friendly, helpful style.

Brenda Cabral, Argentina (tango dancer) ‘I can recommend this book, produced with passion and dedication’.

Iann Stewart, New Zealand (tango dancer) ‘this fabulous book by David Thomas…is such a great read and has a parallel You Tube channel so you can listen to the recommended music as you go’

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